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New Beer - New England IPA

Hey Folks! We've brought back the Legendary Craft Beer on Tap,the New England IPA or Ale Capone as we call it, a play on Brooklyn's history!

This beer has been long overdue and we're glad we have finally got this pouring at Brewklyn after the Covid Lockdown.

For the uninitiated, a typical IPA has the following characteristics:

1) High Bitterness

2) Dominant Hoppy & Fruity Aroma

3) Varying degrees of Malty Sweetness to balance the Bitterness

4) Takes a while to get used to.

Now, as legendary as an IPA maybe, in the early part of the decade a new style of IPA started developing. The New England IPA as it was later called, gets all the Aromatics, Flavor and the Hoppy Goodness of an IPA but without the bitterness.

At Brewklyn, we always wanted Brew Beers which many can drink! It was our belief that a typical IPA catered to specific niche but the NEIPA had the potential to grow on a lot more people. So the choice was obvious and we set out to create Bangalore's first NEIPA in 2017 and boy was this beer an immediate hit among our customers.

The goal is to enjoy everything about a typical IPA without worrying about the bitterness factor. This Beer is refreshing and every sip has a smooth rounded finish.

If you haven't yet tried this, drop into Brewklyn today and if you love this style, what are you waiting for :)


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